Internship Game

Client: Volunteer Central Amsterdam
Objective: A game tailored on Social Internship.
Topic: Learn playfully all about the Social Stage.

All the VMBO, HAVO and VWO students have to 2012 fullfil their compulsory internship, it is called the Social Internship. so all the schools in the Netherlands have classes about the Social internship (MaS).

The Volunteer Central Amsterdam (VCA) provides information to schools about MaS classes. In june, Spel-Maker has 2011 made a custom made game to support these classes. From June on 2011 already 1000 students in the Amsterdam region played the game and the reactions of pupils and teachers are very positive.

Because there is a lot of interest from schools and trainers Spel-Maker with support of the SCC and the government released the second edition of the game nationwide. The games will be 1 available from August.

For more information about the game you can always call or e-mail. Telephone number 020-6400632. Email: