ICTU and the Purple Crocodile

Client: Stichting ICTU
Objective: A game about the services of ICTU
Topic: Government Services

As a citizen or business have often to deal with all kinds of rules and obligations of the government that sometimes another contradictory to each other. This strange rules and obligations are also “Purple Crocodile” called. ICTU is a government organization where ICT solutions are conceived and developed for various government organizations. ICTU helps to perform with Purple Crocodile ICT so no chance the government better.

In the game, all players start with 20 pawns. These are 20 people who all want something from the municipality or government. The players try the pawns along the Purple Crocodile at the center of the board games. The player who first all 20 pawns of the board has played (all people has helped) wins the game.