Core Values ​​Game Noorderbreedte

N includes fourteen care centers in North Frisia, home care and residential care facilities for special target groups. For the employees of north latitude we have the game “Dialogue” a board game, a game tailored to support the core program that starts in April.

The learning objectives of the game are getting to know the core values, and communication on the core values: how the values ​​translated into daily care practice? During the game the players in dialogue with all stakeholders and provide appropriate care to go, where the values ​​processed in a logical manner in the game.

During the discussion, some situations in the game occurred elaborated to emphasize the learning objectives again.

In the development of this game we used our 11 step method. During two or three brainstorms the client responds 11 specific questions. the questions are the same for each client, but the answers of course not.

Because every organization has different primary processes, and because every organization has different goals with the game or the game simulation, every game is different.