Social Media Management Game Launched

Together with Orange Aria has Spel-Maker is a game developed for employees of profit and non-profit organizations that social media in a business environment and would need to deploy. The theme of game: “Opportunities and threats in the use of Social Media”.

The Social Media Management Game is a training game for up 24 Players. The game makes players aware of the opportunities and risks associated with the use of Social Media, and the impact of the use of Social Media in the organization. The game is an integral part of the Social Media Training Orange Aria.

The teams received an initial budget and determine a number of key. The team with the best choices in the use of Social Media, captures the largest market share and win the game. So the players learn playfully how social media can effectively put.

The game has been thoroughly tested and supplemented by advice from professionals of Oracle, Vodafone, Rabobank, Probiblio, Endemol, Fontys University, Lectric in Gfk.

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