Serious Games of digitale simulatie?

Artikel Sales Online – 3 april 2008

Amstelveen, 26 March 2008 – The GATE project (Game research for training and entertainment) TNO and Utrecht University has 10 million grant received from the Dutch government for developing serious games and digital simulations. What is a Serious Game, and what is the difference with a simulation? For what purpose are they suitable? Spellenmaker Bas Kesting explains,:

Serious Games or business games are games with specific learning objectives. These serious games are used in education and training as a tool for companies and institutions. The games vary from simple to very complex. The games also vary from abstract to very realistic.

Serious Game of digitale simulatie?
A digital simulation is a realistic simulation of reality. The added value of complex digital simulations is great at training generals, doctors, pilots or boaters. They can unlimited practice and injury during practice is only virtual. But a digital simulation is no game. A game has a theme, happiness, strategy and interaction, When one of these pillars is missing is not a game. Simulations have no luck factor and also the strategy is essentially different, a game you can win or lose, a simulation not.

Where Serious Games quit, start simulaties.

Serious Game als training.
The added value of Serious Games is great at training managers and employees. Preselected learning are central, and teams of managers and playfully experience the results of their actions. The luck factor is limited present but not decisive, the chosen strategy is decisive. Game Maker has four such games developed over the past year and produced, in the area of ​​quality and ISO, HRM, Supply Chain Management en teambuilding.

Game as a gift.
The added value of a game as a gift is also large. The target group plays in a positive atmosphere with the products and services of the client. Advance is called a message, but no specific learning objectives, except that the products and services in a positive way are presented.

What type of game for which purpose it works best is dependent on the target, the message and the learning objectives. More examples can be found on

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Artikel Sales Online – 3 april 2008