Irrepressible fun money play Nibud

Section Algemeen Dagblad – 27 nov 2007 – Marieke Hensel Mans

Well 41 percent of Dutch plays, according to manufacturer Jumbo Games, once per week (edge)game. So cute and clever Nibud to not only come with informative booklets, but also with a brand new board game: Bling Game. The one that best handles money, wins.

We took the acid test in house Henselmans with father, mother, son 1 (pupil, 16 years) and son 2 (student, 18 years). Up to four players move their pawns through life (the outer ring on the plate), with all (financial) risks and opportunities that come with it. Sometimes you can get one of the six inner rings go. As you go through the agency, mall, CWI, you go on holiday, in showbiz or university. Possibly something you can increase your salary; only in college, the spectacular. Entering such inner ring always costs money, sometimes so much that you need to borrow. And each ring also has risks just lower your salary. One inner ring gives more chance of winning than the other. Holidays can pose some, but costs money especially, like the mall. When the agency is the other. You can get sick, but the chance that you will earn more is greater.

Everything you experience on a round has consequences that you find when you come along Start. You will receive your (increased?) salary, pay interest on your loans and have the ability to save. This is similar to payday in real life. Who first saved a large amount has wins, so it would be obvious that everyone will save fanatic. The game is designed so that it can not simply. By certain behavior can influence how much you should save. Very cute and smart from the creators that they desired behavior (save) have made it very difficult.

We had uncontrollable fun with the game and saw all participants deliberating on the choice moments. Dad went in showbiz and got a lot of money on booze and drugs, and each ended with thanks to the die sometimes in the coffee shop. We were all once the dreaded box within the university where you were immediately kicked to the CWI. Then you're so with a hefty student loan in the distribution! One aspect missing: that real rich amass their money with trade. But we have already Monopoly. Bling This game is an absolute must as December gift for parents with teenagers and for students. Son 2 would like to bring to campus. Oh, forward, invest EUR 27,50 and order via the webshop Nibud.

Section Algemeen Dagblad – 27 nov 2007 – Marieke Hensel Mans