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Press Release February 2009 – Spel-Maker

Amstelveen, 12 February 2009 – In the first months of 2009 there are some new titles on the role: Synergy! TNO, CSR game for TSM and the Jubilee Game housing federation Eigenhaard. All games are unique and tailored to the client.

Synergy is a group game 20 to 35 players that played during the introduction of TNO. New employees experience in a playful way the synergy within TNO. Players assume the role of a project manager at TNO and complete during the game recognizable TNO projects.

Particularly to the CSR game for TSM is that the game can be used both internally and externally. Internally it is used during training of TSM, and externally the game used as promotional and marketing tool. The theme of this game is: “Invest in your talent for sustainability, and reduce your footprint.”

Housing Federation Eigenhaard exists in 2009 100 Game-Maker years and has been asked to develop the occasion of the 100th anniversary a game tailor. In the game, players will make the investment in their own neighborhood and try to lure as many new tenants to their neighborhood.

New is also the Bling Game can be via the website now ordered www.spel Bling Game was ordered from

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Press Release February 2009 – Spel-Maker