Nibud wants boardgame youth reach

Article Parool – 6 nov 2007 – editorial Affairs

Game Maker Game Bling develops young people to learn to deal with income.

AMSTERDAM, 6 november 2007 – The National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud) comes with a board game about money. The Bling Game will Nibud encourage parents to talk to their children about money. The Bling game was invented by the company Game Maker Amstelvener Bas Kesting.

Money is necessary, but also fun, wants Nibud with the game clearly. “With Bling Game is the reality simulated,” says Nibud director Gerjoke Wilmink. “The choice is to the players. They opt for more safety and security, then they can make time for a job, or invest in a program allowing them to earn more later. And with a higher salary, they can save more, so that they reach their goals faster.” Who first saves nine thousand euro, has won the game.

Kesting developed Bling Game in June this year for an initial cash project of Utrecht province, VMBO students who wants to achieve. “Nibud liked it so well with his own objectives fit they asked if they could take over the”, says Kesting. That could. “I made some minor changes, but the rules are not substantially changed.” Kesting has more board games to his name, inter alia, for Siemens, Coster Diamonds and the Ministry of Transport. They are both training games and fun games.

Bling Game can now be enjoyed, by 27,50 Euro. The game is designed for two to four players from twelve years.

Article Parool – 6 nov 2007 – editorial Affairs