Ministry gets its own board game

Article Parool – 16 March 2006 – Annemiek Verbeek

AMSTERDAM, 16 March 2006 – Game Maker Bas Kesting (37) from Amstelveen invented a water game for the Ministry of Transport. Today the staff got the board game as a surprise. Maybe even Willem-Alexander rockers would still stop by.

– Frankly, it does not sound like an exciting game immediately.
“When I got the job, I have also just sit hiccup against it. But it has become really fun.”

– Build dams to prevent floods?
“You are very close. Players must protect the dykes against storm and high water.”

– With the throw of a dice?
“Indeed. There are two dice. One with numbers and one with pictures of storm and high water.”

– When it is in the shop?
“I make games especially for companies, not for sale. They are intended as gifts or promotional staff. But there'll be another game of mine on the shelves: Crazy Diamond.”

– That sounds a lot more adventurous.
“The game is actually two games. On the top of the board, the players saw diamond, polish, grinding and selling.

– What is left over?
“In the second game the player is in the Brazilian rainforest and must smuggle diamonds from the country.”

– That's not very politically correct.
“It gets worse, to get the diamonds off it is intended that the local police bribes.”

– Sensitive.
“If complaints are then let me know.”

– You mix economy entertainment?
“The perception of the customer is central. Water Ministry, flowers for the auction and clean the vacuum cleaner manufacturer”

– A game about vacuuming?
“Who first has cleaned his house, wins.”

– Do you practice yourself first?
“A games club is my test panel. No, that are not nerds allemal. To my own surprise, I must confess.”

Article Parool – 16 March 2006 – Annemiek Verbeek