Management Game for Etex Worldwide

In 120 factories, spread over 45 nations, Etex produces high quality building materials in four segments: siding, roofing, Fire and ceramic tiles. Etex is a leader in many markets.

The division Corporate Learning & Development puts a customized game during the workshops on the new values ​​of Etex. A tool to steer the discussion about the core values ​​in the right direction and to allow participants to practice in applying the core values.

The game is played during the three-day training by the senior management of Etex. A simple version of the game will be rolled out across the organization, in all 45 nations.

Wim van Roy, Etex Worldwide:

“The feedback on the game has been unanimously positive: tof concept, not too complex, but not too easy, stunning realization of the product: design and quality of materials used. Almost everyone asks for a number of copies of the box to play the workshop in their own business.”

Management game Etex