Learn playful with money

Article NRCnext – 17 sep 2008

De Bling Game is zoiets als My First Monopoly, for people whose debit and credit in the household budget not quite, or not at all, synchronized. The board also looks a bit like the famous Monopoly, all not you come along the Kalverstraat or Spui, but along the coffeeshop, casino het Mall. The family game to the hard cash is available from Nibud, the National Institute for Budget Information.

The game was originally developed to keep away the bling generation in debt. Each player (maximum 4) starting meth 1000 euro cash, 1000 euro savings and a diamond. If you pass you get your start monthly salary of 500 Euro, way you receive your money because you're going to call eg prepaid (200 Euro) or lose if you addicted (500 Euro). Collect the most bling, savings for nine diamonds and win the game.

Bling Game can be ordered via Costs 29,95 Euro

Article NRCnext – 17 sep 2008