In eleven steps own game

Section Volkskrant – 15 aug 2006 – Maartje van Hoek

Bas Kesting (38) designs and makes games with a touch of Business Economics. In five years he wants his 'game of the year' in all toy shops for sale is.

Whether he's pitfalls encountered while starting his business? Enough, says Bas Kesting (38) from Amstelveen. Eighteen months ago he coined in a Brazilian hammock his latest appeal: Games Maker. Back in the Netherlands started the challenge: `Where do you buy the hell thousand dice?"The market for corporate games in the Netherlands could be better, Kesting conceived over a year ago after seeing a business game in a cheap box with a board made of cardboard blister. From Amstelveense muzikant, economist and art director went behind his computer and wrote a business plan for his future spellenmakerij. Borrow money to start? Because they thought the bank otherwise. `The banks were not forthcoming. They offer you an umbrella when it's not raining, but ho but if you come with a risky idea. "

Kesting had about twelve thousand euros needed to produce his first game from start to finish. That was a game where six diamond seekers against each other. The players play with diamonds and go through three phases in sharpening their shiny stones: saw, polishing and around them. About diamonds sold first, is the winner of the game. Kesting sold Diamantino games through diamond Coster Diamonds, the game used among others as gift. The other board Kesting used as an example. He steps into big business, just found in the Yellow Pages, and shows the game. With the message: `I can do for you, but focused on your business', he drags his customers within. More than eighteen months later, the art director various business games designed. For the Ministry of Transport, he made a game with the Netherlands as playground. The Federation of dance teachers got a parlor game in which the cha-cha, tango and rumba central. Kesting makes games with a touch of Business Economics.

His study economics while still comes in handy every day. When a company joins forces with him, he uses his self-designed 11-step. I listen to their story and then get behind my computer to where people learn something. "In the beginning a game Kesting went with companies around the table for a brainstorming session and put his heart and soul on the table. "If you tell all, you give too much away and you no longer need. "Now he is still the thinking process, but the effect happens behind closed doors. That Kesting both process analyst, musician as art director was before he went to work as a game maker, helps him now huge. The guts of on stage, creative posters and flyers designs as art director and not at least the business aspects he especially his father meekreeg. Eg `make contact by phone, but also companies speak and understand what they are talking about. And then make the connection with a game '. Shortly after Kesting started his business and a story about him appeared in the local weekly newspaper Amstelveen, his phone was ringing off the hook. Kesting was shocked. Because the people who called, usually were not interested marketing managers-as was his intention- but especially adventurers. `People who wanted to make money quickly and wanted to take with me. “I'm gonna make you great, we will be rich together”, they said. But Kesting, ex-leadzanger of reggaeband Instant Seawater, had in his musical period so often heard, that he is not kicked. `During the first few months that your company exists, everyone needs a coach. Fast money seekers call and provide assistance to. However, at a hefty fee of course. You should not depress with open eyes. "

In his living room converted to office Kesting displayed the games he's produced so far. `Working on a game I often do in the evening. Then I need to move to sleep. 'But two meters in the future the designer wants a home office, in place of it. Within five years, in addition to its own office Kesting, `his first game of the year 'in all toy stores. The Dutch games market is not as large as in neighboring Germany. The Chamber of Commerce Kesting therefore discussed his future perfect: put a game in Germany on the market. Together they wrote a grant plan. Recently he received from the Chamber of Commerce 11.500 euro export subsidy allocated. This method tries Kesting are also games to the man to bring in Germany.

Section Volkskrant – 15 aug 2006 – Maartje van Hoek