How agile are you?

Op 1 november 2017 the new training game "How agile are you,,nl,"completed,,nl,The game was conceived and developed by Agile Consortium,,nl,The design and the production is carried out by Spel-Maker,,nl,The game is used as a tool to make decisions to develop leadership within your own organization Agile,,nl,immediately,,nl,November Game presented at the conference "Annual Conference NL" in hong kong,,nl,where it was very well received,,nl,A number of quotes of the leaders present at the congress,,nl?” opgeleverd. Het spel is bedacht en ontwikkeld door het Agile Consortium. De vormgeving en de productie is door Spel-Maker uitgevoerd.

Het spel wordt gebruikt als hulpmiddel om beslissingen te nemen om leiderschap te ontwikkelen binnen uw eigen Agile-organisatie.

Meteen op 2 november is het spel gepresenteerd op het congres “Annual Conference NL” in Driebergen, waar het zeer goed is ontvangen.

Een aantal quotes van de aanwezige leiders op het congres: "Differences and issues are with this game very clearly" "A very nice way to start talking to each other about what is needed in agile leadership." "Everyone has the opportunity to participate and at the same time we keep focus on the subject,nl”.

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