Client: De Hei
Objective: A game about the border town of Stramproy
Topic: Smuggle and trade

The local community "The Hei" in the city of Stramproy in the Netherlands started 25 years, and for this special occasion Spel-Maker has designed and prodiuced the jubilea game "Heieroth". A high quality board game with attention for the specific tradition and history of Stramproy and its surroundings.

The history of Stramproy has many appealing aspects which we were able to use in the game. The consolidation of farming lands, the different types of historic farm buildings, the smuggling of salt and other goods across the border between Belgium and The Netherlands (the saltbags have a special place, in the historie of Stramproy), and the butter, cheese and eggs (a well known Dutch childs game). During the game the players try to obtain bigger and better farm buildings by trading and smuggling goods. The first player who is able to buy the historic Brookmeule wins the game.

The board game Heieroth was presented during the Big Smugglers Party on a sunday afternoon the 26 january, organised espacially around the launch of the game.

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