Positive feedback for boardgame about MaS

`You want your Social Internships at a supermarket, that may?', `Should only students in large cities a Social Internships?', `How many volunteers are actually in Netherlands?"These are just a few questions from the MaS game, the educational game about the Social Stage that now cover more than 200 played in the Netherlands schools.

In the game the students playfully learn the positive aspects of the training grant, and the game pays attention to the practical matters: How do I find an internship?, What is an internship contract and what it says in?, What kind of internships are all there?

`The first reactions of schools and training brokers are very positive, there are already schools that have ordered extra games, Aldus Bas Kesting, the creator of the game. `The students are mostly very positive about the competitive element and the recognizability of the game, you can quickly start playing. "

The Commandery College in Laarbeek has a reorder done because the students want to play the game in the pause: `I have at the beginning of the school year already received a MaS game of you. This suits well! Students find it very much. I would like to duplicate in order, because the students want the game also between classes play. "

The VCA we received the following response: `We visit schools and play the game in full classes with noisy VMBO students, but from the moment they hear that in the game “battle” is, everyone full attention. The competitive element attention remains high during the game, and they even invent their own rules: Some students go “All-In” just like in poker, or they play by the chips. "