Boardgame ID!ee for VOS / ABB

VOS / ABB provided training workshops for managers and specialists in public schools. Game Maker has for this target group the training game “ID!ee” developed with the learning objectives: Learning about the the core values ​​for public schools, and the establishment of a development agenda.

“We are very satisfied with the end result,” says Marleen Lammers of VOS / ABB. “Previously a training on the core values ​​a fairly viscous matter, but now I'm really looking forward to the training, the game looks great, you really come up with something within, and the participants find the game very fun to play.”

Hans Teegelbeckers is at least as satisfied, “the figure that I will give for his expertise Bas is high, Bass knows exactly what he's talking about and he sends the process with a firm hand. Even when I see how the predetermined learning objectives in the game ended up there, I can only give a high figure for, in my opinion one 9”.

In the game try by buying specific actions to improve the players image of a fictional school and to profile the school better. The game also produces a proposition for an organizational development agenda.

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