Customized Games

Spel-Maker heeft meer dan tien jaar ervaring in het bedenken, ontwerpen en produceren van professionele spellen op maat voor Marketing en Training.

We can develop a unique board game tailor your products and services,nl, an original and striking gift for your customers and staff. We can also make a game about a specific theme or a game for a specific target group.

Our method of game design has also been very successful in designing training games and educational games,nl. Together with your HR-managers, teammanagers or project team we will develop a training game that will adress your specific learning goals.

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Click on TRAINING GAMES for a selection of our training games and business simulations.
Or click on EDUCATIONAL GAMES for our educational games for governments and non profit organizations.


  • Any business process can be incorporated in a game in a fun and logical way.
  • This creates a unique game about the clients products and services..
  • The games are designed in accordance with your corporate identity, with space for your marketing slogans.

A game about your company is a striking and original gift for customers and staff. Your target group will be playing with your products and slogans in a positive atmosphere for many years.


  • Serious games are games with specific learning objectives that the actual situation is simulated as realistically as possible,nl.
  • Use a training game to improve your personal and team skills.
  • For small and large groups, with or without a game facilitator.

In a well designed Serious Game your employees learn to cope with. new roles, tasks, responsabilities or business processes in a logical context..

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